SMILE and be safe

A transparent face-mask which allows us to breathe freely, shows our face and our smile.

The intelligent mask for everyday use, comfortable and safe thanks to its particular design. 

A face-mask made of high-quality plastic. 

Durable and easy to clean. 

Made in Austria

easy to wear

A transparent plastic mask which gets attached to the ears using two soft straps and rests light as a feather against the bridge of the nose. Mouth and nose are unrestricted but remain covered.

SMILE and be safe is available in two sizes Medium and Large.


Which size fits me?

We´ve made several prototypes. Each face and each head is different. Medium fits the great majority of women and men. Large is about 0,8 inches wider than the Medium size and is preferred by people with a larger head, broader face and a full beard – or if more space for breathing is required. Even if the mask sits loosely, the fit can be adjusted individually with the soft straps at the ears. 

Our tip: Measure, with a flexible tape, the distance from one ear to the other over the tip of the nose. From 11,5 inches upwards Large is the right choice. 


clear view

Unobstructed vision, especially important also when wearing glasses. Most glasses can be worn in combination with the SMILE and will not fog up.


easy to clean

Wash with hands with soap and water, wipe dry with a clean cloth, attach the soft straps, put it on and keep working as usual. Or disinfect and rub dry.


on the go

Put SMILE on, take SMILE off.

We are wearing SMILE around our necks, so that it does not get in our way.  Order the SMILE and be safe-Hanger together with your mask in our online shop. 


The mask comes in a bag for easy transport, which we use to store our spare straps and, if necessary, a disinfectant. It stays in shape when the parts at the ears are tied together with the rubber bands. 


personalize it

The plastic mask can be individually labelled, imprinted, painted or laminated.