Dear friends of SMILE and be safe

SMILE and be safe is our answer to the new needs due to the Coronavirus. We want to protect us and others, while still being able to live freely and express our individuality. Many people already feel this way and there are more and more among us. 


Back in April 2020, we were thinking about an intelligent mask, trying to imagine life after Corona. Will life ever be the same again? Have we become more sensitive to the issue and perceive the safety measures not only as a requirement but also as our own responsibility? We are convinced that the face mask has a story similar to the skiing helmet. Rejected right after its invention, the helmet is nowadays indispensable. 


Our aim was to develop a mask, suiting all our needs: aesthetically pleasing because of its design and its transparency, lightweight and comfortable to wear, intelligent and well thought out with practical features and above all a high-quality product made in Europe. 


With these ideas in mind we started to experiment. With an enthusiastic team of experts, we realized our idea of SMILE and be safe under high time pressure. Only a month later, at the end of May 2020, we were ready to launch SMILE and be safe


Our expectations, to offer a good and popular product were more than met. The broad interest from all sides, the positive feedback and the surprising excitement for the mask is a great confirmation for us. 

A sincere thank you to all of you!


The inventors of SMILE and be safe

Dr. Angelika Böhler and Dr. Fleur Weiland

Thanks to Fabian Tobias Reiner, MSc ETH Arch, for his design ideas and tireless commitment, to model maker Rene Scherr for his patience in building our prototypes, to plastics technology specialist Gerald Hager for his expertise, for the many test runs and for the professional manufacturing of the masks and to cleanroom expert Ludwig Netzer that brought it all together and made this whole thing possible.